Illinois Shuffleboard Association

August 10th and 11th, 2024

The Illinois Shuffleboard Association (ILSA) is delighted to announce that we will be hosting a National Any Doubles Tournament on August 10-11, 2024, at the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in Chicago, IL!

This year, we expect the interest to again exceed capacity, so registration will be determined via a lottery system. The lottery will be open from April 24 at 9 AM CT to April 25 at 9 PM CT. ILSA will draw the lucky competitors on April 27.

We will post more information before the lottery registration opens, but in the meantime, mark your calendars, learn more about the lottery process below, and check out these Frequently Asked Questions.

We can’t wait to shuffle with you soon!

Curious about the lottery process? Learn more below:

How can I join the lottery?

By visiting Illinois Shuffleboard Lottery between April 24 at 9 AM CT and April 25 at 9 PM CT.

Why is there a lottery registration this year?

While first come, first served registration served this tournament well in its first two years, we want to make registration more accessible for all prospective competitors. For ILSA’s 2023 National Tournament, many more people attempted to register than there were available slots, making admission largely determined by schedule flexibility and technical savvy.

Accordingly, we have decided to make the registration process fairer for all prospective competitors by giving them more time to submit the entry form. This will ensure that people with inflexible work schedules or limited internet connections have the same opportunity to compete in the national tournament as the people who eagerly await the registration links. For similar reasons, ILSA implemented a lottery registration for our recent Winter Olympics tournament and received overwhelmingly positive feedback on that process. Therefore, we have decided to institute a lottery registration for the national tournament this year.

Who can enter the lottery?

The lottery is open to all interested shuffleboard players! You will enter the lottery as a member of a team, with one team member designated as the “captain.” Only one lottery entry is allowed per team; duplicate entries will be deleted.

How does the lottery work, exactly?

The lottery will open at 9:00 am CT on April 24, 2024, and close at 9:00 pm CT on April 25, 2024. During that window, you will fill out an online form with each team member's contact information and home shuffleboard club. At the close of that period, if we have more entrants in any of the three club-based pools (Royal Palms Chicago, Royal Palms Brooklyn, All Other Clubs) than we have space to admit, we will hold a live lottery where we announce the results for each pool on April 27, 2024. Those who get in during the lottery will receive an email with instructions to finalize their registration. Those who do not will be notified of their position on the waitlist.

Why is the lottery divided into club pools?

ILSA encourages shufflers from all over the country to compete in our national tournament! We expect to have a lot of interest from our Royal Palms Chicago and Royal Palms Brooklyn friends, but unfortunately, we cannot accommodate all of you while also allowing sufficient space for shufflers from other parts of the country. Based on the number of lottery entrants we receive, we will allot a specific number of competitor spaces for each of the three club pools: Royal Palms Chicago, Royal Palms Brooklyn, and All Other Clubs.

Have other questions? Check out our FAQ!